The Coronation Cross

The back side of the cross

The back side of the cross has precious cameos that serve as little doors of small compartments with other relics. The upper part of the cross has two cameos: a brown-blue onyx with the Crucifixion and an amethyst with the bust of benedictory Christ. The left arm of the cross is adorned with a sardonyx cameo with Christ and on its right is a sapphire probably with a portrait of John the Baptist. The right arm of the cross is adorned with an antique portrait cameo made of brown onyx and a chalcedony cameo with Archangel Michael. The lower part of the cross is adorned with a beautiful antique sardonyx with the portrait of a young woman, below is an agate cameo with two figures and lower yet is a sardonyx cameo with a sitting king. In the middle of the cross, there is an opening in the shape of a cross, which is covered with crystal and contains another part of the wood from Christ’s cross that Charles IV obtained from his nephew, French king Charles V. The edges of the cross are adorned with sapphires, an aquamarine and colored glass.

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