The St. Wenceslas Crown

The front side

The front side of the St. Wenceslas Crown draws the most attention. Out of the seven precious stones, there is one sapphire, one rubellite and five spinels. To maintain the rhythm of the colors, there are red stones, except for a large sapphire in the middle of the bottom row. The most prominent stone is the boldly set rubellite in the middle, a polished natural stone of an irregular shape.

A large sapphire stands out in the middle of the headband; it is the largest precious stone on the crown. It was drilled through lengthwise, which proves that it was used before. On both sides of this sapphire, there are spinels. The one on the right is of a beautiful vinous red color, has perfectly even coloring, is defect-free and is cut in an oblong octangular shape. The one on the left is also of a vinous red color, defect-free and cut in an oblong regular lenticular shape.

On the petals of the lily, there are three spinels. The one on the right is without any defects and perfectly clear, of a deep raspberry color and cut in a rectangular shape with slant edges. The one on the left is of the same color and has similar characteristics. The one on the top is a heart-shaped spinel of a most beautiful, clear and bright vinous red color.

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