The St. Wenceslas Crown

The left side

The left side of the crown is adorned the same way as the right side; there are seven sapphires and one spinel. The vinous red spinel with a rusty red tint and rusty red inner reflections is in the middle of the headband. It is of a rather regular lenticular shape, nicely cut, with four oval recessions. To the right is an oblong sapphire that is almost defect-free inside and thus perfectly clear and has a beautiful stoneblue color with dark reflections. Its drilling is also rather good. To the left is a sapphire that is striking in its size and cut; it is one of the largest precious stones on the crown. It is an irregular oval that was cut – very well for that time – in a low quadrilateral pyramid. At the bottom of the lily above the spinel, there is a cornflower blue sapphire, the right edge of which changes into a darker, almost stoneblue color.

The middle of the lily is adorned with another large, deep blue sapphire with strong dark inner reflections. It is a high-quality precious stone with absolutely no defects inside. On the right petal of the lily, there is a similar dark sapphire with an interesting cut – it has a tabular shape with two prominent recessions on the top. When illuminated, it becomes sky-blue. A similar smaller sapphire is on the left petal. It has an irregular shape, is slightly pointed on the left and is cut in a table on the top. On the top of the lily, there is a light blue sapphire of an irregular lenticular shape. It is different from the other sapphires due to its soft radiant opalescence. The sapphire was drilled through crosswise and inside is a gold rivet topped with a small, approximately one-millimeter emerald.

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