The St. Wenceslas Crown

The right side

The right side and the left side create the blue axis of the crown that crosses the red axis connecting the front side and back side of the crown. The right side of the crown is adorned with seven sapphires and one spinel in the middle of the headband. The spinel is violescent, cracked inside and cut in an irregular lenticular shape. On the right side of the headband, there is a large deep cornflower violet blue sapphire, the top of which is unusually cut in a concave shape. On the left side of the headband, there is another large sapphire, which however is of a lighter, milky sky-blue color caused by the zonal structure of the precious stone; there are distinct incremental zones of a hexagonal shape in particular in the right half of the sapphire.

At the bottom of the lily, there is a light blue, oval sapphire with an irregular drill hole. The sapphire in the middle of the lily is cut in an octangular shape with round corners and has a beautiful cornflower blue color. The rectangular sapphire on the right petal of the lily is one of the most perfectly cut stones of the crown; it has absolutely no defects and it is also of a cornflower blue color. The left petal of the lily has a smaller rectangular sapphire with a cylindrically rounded table; it was also drilled through. When illuminated, it has a beautiful stoneblue color. The precious stone on the top of the lily is a perfectly polished aquamarine of an almost globular shape with yellow hollow ducts inside that are visible with the naked eye.

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