The royal orb


The royal orb (together with the sceptre) is an example of excellent and very well preserved Renaissance goldsmith work.

The orb is made of 18-carat gold, is 22 cm high and weighs 780 grams. It is adorned with six spinels, eight sapphires and 31 pearls. It consists of two oblate hemispheres joined with an adorned ring and topped with a cross. It is decorated with enchased reliefs of figurative scenes and acanthus and vine ornaments, partially covered with colorful enamels. The six small sphinxes at the base of the cross create a charming detail. The front of the cross is adorned with four sapphires and two spinels.

The back side of the cross on the orb is decorated with an interesting motif of a flame that is accentuated by red enamel and resembles the golden fleece iconography. In the middle of the back side of the cross, there is the inscription DEUS CELUM REGNAT ET REGES TERRE (God reigns in heaven, kings reign on the earth) and on the circular strip below the cross, there is the inscription DOMINE IN VIRTUTE TUA LETABITUR REX ET SUPER SALUTARE TUAM EXULTABIT (O Lord, in Thy strength the king will be glad and in Thy salvation how greatly he will rejoice).

The surface of both hemispheres is covered with beautiful enchased reliefs of figurative scenes that relate to coronation. The upper hemisphere shows scenes from the life of David (the anointment of King David and the victory of David over Goliath). The lower hemisphere depicts scenes from the Book of Genesis (Adam kneeling before the Creator, Adam being led to the Garden of Eden, the Creator warning Adam and Eve in front of the Tree of Knowledge).

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