The sceptre


The royal sceptre is (together with the orb) a unique goldsmith masterpiece of the Renaissance period.

The royal sceptre, just like the orb, is made of 18-carat gold. It is 67 cm long and weighs 1,013 grams. It consists of several parts joined with rings that, on the handle and below the head, are accentuated with a row of pearls; there are 62 pearls in total. The entire area of all parts of the sceptre is enchased with acanthus, vine, foliage and floral ornaments. Some of the ornaments, in particular on the handle, are decorated with colored enamel. The head of the sceptre is in particular elaborate, designed as a flower in full bloom with spiral stems that are decorated with acanthus ornaments and out of which four red spinels, four blue sapphires and four pearls grow like blossoms. The sceptre is topped with a large four-cornered spinel.

The adornment of the sceptre is a combination of shining gold and red and blue precious stones complemented with the opaque white of pearls, which is a color combination that is similar to that of the St. Wenceslas Crown.

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